2 Great ideas about cupcakes


There can be no any other way to make the cupcakes more appealing than to decorate them with some attractive designing things. There are various cupcakes ideas available that one can easily try when to decorate the cupcakes at home. Decorated Cupcake delivery is now a common trend in every occasion. Try some of these easy guides on how to decorate the lovely cupcakes.

Butterfly Cupcakes:

The ingredients needed for this are following: Candy layered chocolate, chocolate cookies, regular cupcakes 2, licorice strips and also 2 small cupcakes.

At first the cupcakes should be covered with frosting. It is suggested to try out using different frost for every cake. The cakes can be covered with some bright coloured frosting and the regular cupcakes with other coloured frosting.

The cupcakes should be assembled to look like a butterfly, regular cupcakes just above the smaller pieces. Decorate the cupcakes with the candy chocolates around the edges. Design as well as the centre piece of the assembled cupcakes. Licorice stripes can be used as the antenna.

Snowman Cupcake:

Snowman cupcakes are just perfect for the holiday seasons. One can easily check out the simple guide in making the snowman cupcakes that would surely be very attractive and stunning itself. The needed ingredients are black chocolate candy, 1 regular cupcake, fruit strip, white marshmallows, chocolate, pretzel stick and cupcake frosting.

Coat every cupcake with proper frosting. Stick every marshmallows all together using proper icing. Then stick all these with a proper measurement. After every preparation the cake will be surely ready to glamorize a party.

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