A gorgeous cupcake can really make your event glorious

Cake & Cupcake shop Sweet Revenge London

There is absolutely new trend in dessert that is quite popular in today’s scenario. The trend is nothing but the cupcake. But that actually does not mean just the ordinary chocolate or vanilla with having regular icing. Today the cupcake generally comes in several varieties and the flavour combinations much exotic and quite exciting as well. You can think of the cupcakes with having peanut butter and jam toppings with maple cream and many other icing. Those are just some examples of the cupcake creation that people can bake in their own place.

Along with the great new taste offered in the recipe, the way the cakes are being topped and designed are very new and trendy also. Simple design of icing on the top of the cupcake makes the whole thing so beautiful that we feel sad to cut the cake anymore.  Though many good qualities of cupcakes are quite simple one and they are easily available at cupcake shop , the cupcake maker wants to go just above and also beyond the norm and offer exactly beautiful cakes with unusual highly decorative toppers.

If you are quite good with the common pastry bags, you can create several many designs with just icing them all alone. The swirl of the frosting on the top of every delicious cake can be modified to create the flowers or the leaves or any other item from your creative end and at cupcake shop you can get every accessory as well. The icing part can be little tinted in many colourful things, including several colours of the rainbow all on just one cupcake.

It’s just depends on you, how you will design and decorate the piece and make it more attractive to the cake lovers for that special occasion.


Sweetrevenge Bakery

41 Market Place,
Kingston upon Thames
Contact No.: 0800 612 0399
Website:  www.sweetrevengelondon.com


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