Why should you use edible photo on cakes?

photo on a cake

Do you love to bake cakes on every special occasion? Then you must have heard about using edible photo on a cake. Before you start pondering about these edible images, let me elaborate a little on using edible photo on cakes. Edible photos are known as icing sheets, frosting sheets, edible images, photo cakes or cake toppers. Basically a thin piece of white icing is fixed to a plastic backing sheet that is then passed through a printer. They are available in different sizes and as soon as they are printed and dry, they can be placed on cakes.

Below are some reasons behind the immense popularity of photo on a cake:

Add personal touch: Usage of edible images provide these delicacies a personalized tone. Nothing can be more  touching than gifting a cake to loved ones that has a special moment of his or her life imprinted on it.

Easy to use: Inclusion of photo on a cake is not just fun but easy as well. Even your kids can help you with it. In fact the kids love the experience of being included if you are making a cake for their birthday. You can make them bake cupcakes for their friend and decorate it with edible cupcake toppers.

Affordable: Photo on a cake comes in quite affordable as well. You can order the icing sheets online. You just need to choose the model that can make the best design for the occasion. The price range will vary depending upon the size of edible photos.

Last minute preparation: Last minute preparation can be quite stressful in nature. Even if you forget cakes, getting it done at last minute is not a big deal.  In fact they are perfect for last minute preparation. You can simply buy the ready-made cakes and then customize it by including the edible cupcake toppers.

Making cakes with edible photos on top of it is a fun filled exercise and your kids are sure to love them. So gift your loved ones cakes with edible photos imprinted on it in the coming occasion.



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