Tips to pack and carry your Christmas cupcake


A small cupcake covered in frosting makes up a great treat for Christmas, birthday and a wide range of other events. The party goers can easily opt for their favourite flavour and you will not even need a knife to slice the cakes or have them. The only problem that occurs with these cupcakes is ways to carry them. These sweet delicacies usually make themselves available in an odd shape and it is difficult to pack or stack them without making a mess.

Below are some strategies that you can use in order to carry the cupcakes:

  • Place cupcakes in a baking dish. A standard dish will be able to hold around eighteen cakes comfortably. After you get them packed, you can cover it up with a plastic wrap or an aluminium foil.
  • Purchase the cupcake boxes or holders. Several manufacturers make these carriers. Some holders even incorporate a handle and a locking lid to help you pack and carry the delicious treats.
  • Purchase the cupcake boxes. There are many sites that sell boxes that are made especially for this purpose. There are boxes that can hold one cake just as there are also options available that can easily hold multiple cakes together in a single box. You can also pack a Christmas cake in these cupcake boxes and send it as a gift to your near and dear ones.
  • You can make a cupcake box on your own as well. You can use boxes for robes or shirt for this purpose. Line the box with an aluminium foil. Place paper towels on it before you place the sweet delicacies. You can easily transport it to any event without worrying little about getting the cupcake boxes back.

These tips will help you to get the perfect cupcake box for Christmas. With this idea, you are now ready to have a blast this year.


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