Tips to make polka dot giant cupcakes

Cupcakes are quite popular now. Actually the very thought of having cupcakes is quite interesting and if it is in the form of a giant cupcake, the appeal gets heightened.

If you want to bake a polka dot giant cupcake at home, you will need to follow some strategies. Here are some steps to bake one:

giant cupcake

1.    Bake two sections of the cupcake in a pan. Now remove the sections and place them on a rack to cool it down.

2.    Use pink chocolate wafers to make a candy liner for your giant cupcake. Melt the wafers as suggested in the package and pour melted chocolate at the bottom of the giant cake. Now coat the pan with this melted chocolate. Allow the chocolate to cool down by keeping it in the refrigerator for at least half an hour. Remove the pan as soon as the chocolate has set and carefully release the liner from pan following it.

3.    Trim your cupcake so that it fits into the cupcake liner snugly. Lower the cake into liner and spread an icing layer on it to hold the top onto base.

4.    Make cream cheese frosting or any other frosting to cover the top of the cupcake. Add icing to cover the cake.

5.    Allow the icing to set and set up the top on the base.

6.    Use different colours of fondant. You can use a cookie cutter to cut out circles.

7.    Tie a ribbon at the base of your cupcake to make your cupcake appear all the more appealing.

Use your imagination to bake a giant cupcake. The above discussed strategies were just the basics. Differ from it and make a unique cupcake to surprise your near and dear ones.


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