Use your best photo on photo on a cake now

Now you can gorge on your own photos. I am not lying; you can have your photos now. Amazing edible memories are now one of the greatest as well as one of the most amazing ways to share photos. Photos, drawings and logos can now be transformed into edible images. This can be applied to cookies, cakes, fudge, cupcakes, ice cream, chocolate and fondant to create perfect treats.

photo on a cake

Edible photo cake is 100% edible; they are made of frosting pressed onto a backing sheet. Created with ink jet printer and edible ink, these images come out clear and sharp just like original pictures. Also known as cake stickers, cake toppers, picture cakes and photo on a cake, these are very popular among new generation.

You can make these treats with edible memories very easily. No experience is essential here and everyone can do it. The edible photo on a cake will do all the decoration work for you. Simply peel and place these edibles on frosted and chocolate covered delicacies in order to create beautiful as well as professionally made cake. Frosting sheets or cake toppers can also be used on brownies, cookies and cupcakes to create amazing hits.

Photo fun frames are made available in varying festive designs in order to match the theme of the party. Designer prints are also available in order to make professional cakes easily.  You can choose from an array of options in the guise of polka dots, animal prints or holiday prints.

It is a great idea to make customised desserts and enjoy them with friends and family members. With these edible memories, you can share your special photos with your guests in an amazing and innovative manner.


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