Two most favourite birthday celebration cakes

Party without a cake! It’s next to impossible. Cake is the main attraction of all celebration. This dessert makes the day more special. We celebrate lots of events and the inevitable part of that day is a celebration dessert. The decoration of celebration cakes differ with the event. There are many occasions like birthday, wedding, anniversaries and many more.

There are many confectionaries that offer various ranges and shapes of celebrations cakes. Among lots of celebration cakes the birthday cakes are one of the most popular one. It has been found that the order of birthday desserts are more in number than others.

Earlier birthday desserts were mainly designed in a stipulated manner. That time the cake used to decorate with only bulk of creams. But presently many designed has been implemented to make the dessert more attractive and tastier. On the other hand various flavours are also incorporated into it. For kid’s birthday, cartoon shaped desserts are the most popular. The dessert is designed like the favourite cartoon character of the kid. In recent days Tom and Jerry, Ben ten etc. are designed when the birthday is of a baby boy and Barbie are chosen as a design when it is a baby girl birthday.

Apart from this cartoon based design there are also other sorts of celebration desserts that are also very popular. Presently sticking photo on cake is one of the most ordered I the confectioneries. Real pic of the concerned person of the celebration is stuck on the cake. In this case edible colours are used to bring out the original effect of the photo.

Thus, it would not be exaggerated that a celebration will never complete without a beautiful decorated cake.


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